Coronavirus Insurance: The most important work for a man in an epidemic like Covid-19

coronavirus insurance

Briefs on Coronavirus insurance Coronavirus insurance: As you will be aware that the havoc of coronavirus virus is not only in India but in the whole world, due to which the economy of the world, as well as the job of people, is slowly getting out of hand. if any family member is suffering from … Read more

8. Payment processing:- Magical Secret behind the credit and debit card transactions| How does it work

payment processing

Payment processing Payment processing is a general term that refers to how transactions between a customer and merchant are automated. payment processing is an effective system for your business to be an important part of any successful transaction, as well as maintaining customer satisfaction and building a positive brand reputation. Payment processing is a general … Read more

Reliance retail: ADIA buys 1.4% stake in Reliance Retail for RS.6,247.5 cr| Complete details in easy language

Reliance retail

Reliance Retail and ADIA investment deal Mubadala’s second significant investment in Reliance Industries subsidiary, after $ 1.2 bn investment in Jio platform announced earlier this year Abu Dhabi-based sovereign wealth fund Mubadala acquired a 1.4% stake in the company Reliance Retail Ventures (RRVL), the parent company of (RRVL) Reliance Industries company said in a statement. … Read more

4. Debt to equity ratio:- Solvency ratio| Definition, formula & How to calculate the debt-equity ratio

What is the debt to equity ratio Through debt to equity ratio, we get to know how much percentage of total assets of a company is financed from debt and how much percentage is financed from shareholders equity. The debt-to-equity (D / E) ratio compares a company’s shareholder equity to its total liabilities and can … Read more

3. Equity ratio:- Solvency ratio| Best way to track equity in a company’s total assets| Most important

equity ratio

What is the equity ratio All the assets of the company are the result of shareholder’s equity, debt from creditors or a combination of both. The equity ratio is a simple calculation that can show you how much of a company’s assets are funded by the owner’s shares. This ratio measures the ratio inside a … Read more

2. Debt ratio: Solvency ratio| The most important way to track long-term liabilities

Debt ratio Debt ratio is also known as Debt to Assets ratio. This ratio is used to find out the long term debt of a company. If we say it in other words, this ratio is used to determine that How much percentage of the total asset is financed by debt This ratio is represented … Read more

7. ACH Payment: What is the ACH transfer| Automatic payment solution| Massive development in payment technology

ACH Payment

What is ACH payment ACH stands for Automatic Payment House, an American financial network used for electronic payments and money transfers. Also known as “direct payment”, ACH payment is a method of transferring money from one bank account to another without using paper checks, credit card networks, wire transfers, or cash. There are two types … Read more

6. Credit card: It is beneficial to keep in mind some important things while choosing a bank’s credit card

Credit card A credit card is not just a payment tool. In real terms, it is more than the payment tool. It helps in transacting in a cashless manner. Cashback and Rewards Points are also available on purchases or expenses made by credit card. If used properly it also saves a lot. 1. Take credit … Read more

IPO:- Before investing in an IPO, these 7 things must be kept in mind| Otherwise, you can lose your money


IPO (Initial Public Offering) When an organization issues its common shares or stocks to the general public for the primary time, it’s called an IPO or initial public offering. These IPOs are issued by limited companies so that they’ll be listed on the securities market. After being listed on the exchange, the company’s shares are … Read more

Angel Broking IPO:- The issue will open on September 22| IPO 2020, Complete details in short

angel broking ipo

Angel broking IPO Angel Broking plans to raise Rs 600 crore through this IPO. The price band for this has been fixed at Rs 305-306. It will open on 22 September and close on 24 September. Anchor investors can bid on 21 September. The overwhelming response to the issue of Happiest Minds IPO has given … Read more