2. Increase your Cibil score- Avail personal loan, Check your Cibil Score, Plays an important role in taking a loan

What is cibil score-

It is also known as Credit score

A credit score tells the history of the loan or credit card payment you have taken in the past. if you repay all the installments of the loan or credit card at the right time, then your credit score is good but if you forget any installment That makes your credit score worse.

A credit score is very crucial to take any type of loan or credit card from any financial institutions

Some people never take loans or credit cards from any financial institutions in the past, then their credit score is zero. To increase the CIBIL score of such people, we will tell you some tips that can increase your Credit score in six months.

How to increase cibil score-

  1. Pay your loan and credit card dues on time.
  2. Avoid withdrawing cash from ATMs by credit card.
  3. Don’t pay the minimum due of credit card, always pay full due.
  4. Excessive credit limit utilization.
  5. Avoid excessive credit inquiries.
  6. When you take a loan from any financial institutions choose a long tenor for repayment.
  7. Avoid taking on too much debt one time.
  8. Set a reminder for due of credit card or loan before 5 to 8 working days.
  9. Take a credit card on the basis of fixed deposits and pay its dues timely.

What is the advantage of a good credit score or cibil score-

  1. A low-interest rate on loan/credit card.
  2. A credit card gets a higher limit.
  3. Have more negotiation power.
  4. No security deposits required to take a credit card or cell phone.
  5. Quick approval of loan/credit card.
  6.  Better rates on car insurance.
  7.  A good credit score makes it easier to get jobs.


  • A cibil score range from 300 to 900, when a person has 300 cibil score it means 0.

Check Your credit Score-




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