internet banking frauds: 10 important things related to fraud

Internet Banking frauds … internet banking is the easiest way to transfer money from a bank account to any other bank account with a single click. But, hackers are sometimes caught sight of this simple tool. We make all efforts to keep our financial states safe. Yet in some cases, internet banking frauds are encountered. There has been a steady rise in hacking cases for many years. We are telling you how to use online banking safely at some points.

internet banking fraud

Here is the 10 important points

1. Keep bank related information secret to avoid internet banking frauds

Do not click on any suspicious link while using the internet. Seeing any attractive offer, clicking on it and following the instructions given in it is dangerous. With this, many of your personal information reaches the fraud people.

Bank related details such as credit card details, debit card details, internet banking user id, or password should not be disclosed to anyone and it should not be kept in writing anywhere, by doing so your account money can be stolen. Sharing personal details can cause internet banking frauds with you

2. Keep password secret to avoid internet banking frauds

It is correct to change your bank account internet banking password at certain intervals. Always keep the password long and of mix type. It is considered good to use the English character with the number in the password. Due to this, your account cannot be hacked soon. Do not do online banking in unsecured Wi-Fi and always use your personal computer for this. Do not enter your password in a diary or mobile.

3. Keep an eye on the lock icon (https) to avoid internet banking frauds

Use your bank account internet banking user ID and password on any website only when the lock symbol appears on the URL above. It keeps your password secret. This sign shows that the website you are working on is safe. It plays an important role in curbing internet banking frauds.

4. Fishing alert

Phishing is a technical term used for a scam or scam. When a fraud person or organization sends a fake email to you, it can be called phishing. These e-mails look very reliable and through this, your bank account number, internet banking user id password, and many personal information can be asked. Always be careful with such emails and do not click on the links given in them to avoid internet banking frauds

5. Don’t forget to logout

Whenever you transact your money from Internet banking, do not forget to logout of your account immediately after that. When your account is open, another person can misuse it.

6. Report fraud to bank

If there is any kind of fraud with your internet bank account, then inform your bank home branch immediately. The bank will take immediate action on this. Or if you feel that you have shared the details of your internet bank account with the wrong person, then immediately inform the bank and create a new password immediately.

7. Inform the bank during an emergency

If you see less money in your bank account then immediately inform your bank about it. In this case, there is a possibility of getting the money back, if you delay in telling the bank then the money will never be returned. Apart from this, take information from every money transaction through SMS on your mobile and keep it active.

8. Keep antivirus updated

Always keep antivirus updated on your mobile or computer to use online banking. In addition, it is also important to use the latest antivirus.

9. Secure banking on phone

The responsibility of the bank is that most phone banking details cannot be saved and all the information is loaded in a secure data center. Whenever your phone is lost or stolen, there is no need to panic, just report to your mobile operator and close your number.

10. Enable two-factor authentication

Many banks basically offer two-factor authentication, whenever you try to log in to internet banking, the bank sends the OTP to your register mobile number, to do the verification, so that the bank gives the logging person recognizes

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