2# Equity funds, Good option for an impressive return

Equity funds

Definition Equity funds are a mutual funds scheme, known as stock funds, the money invested in this mutual fund is mainly invested in the share market. Types of equity funds Equity funds types is totally depends upon market capitalization so first of all, we need to understand that what is market capitalization. Market capitalization- Market capitalization … Read more

2-Debt funds: and it’s Types most important for a good portfolio

Debt funds

What is debt funds Buying debt funds similar to giving a loan to the issuing organization. A debt fund invests in fixed generating securities like Corporate bonds, Government securities, Commercial paper, and other money market instruments. In debt funds, the issuer pre-decides the interest rate you will earn as well as the maturity period. That’s … Read more

2-Mutual funds: Basics, It is very important to know before investing

Mutual funds

Mutual funds: A mutual fund is an investment program. In which money pool from various individuals (investor) and managed by a skilled fund manager. Types of mutual funds: Equity funds Debt funds Index funds Fund of funds Hybrid funds Solution orientation Some important words in mutual funds. 1. AMC  (asset management company): When a person invests in … Read more