Reliance Jio 7 investment deal, 21.06% sold, ADIA investment Detail # Positive news

As you all know that Mukesh Ambani ( Chairman of Reliance Jio) India is not only the wealthiest person but he is also the biggest debtor.

You will definitely know about Jio, who came to the market in 2016 and set fire in the telecom sector. Some companies in the telecom sector have been shut down like RCOM, Aircel, etc.

Jio is a subsidiary company of Reliance industries so chairman of reliance industries Mukesh Ambani decided to reduce their debt by selling his some stake in jio platform.

In the last few weeks, Reliance Jio has done about 7 investment deals in which the world’s leading investment companies participated. So let us explain all the investment deals in detail in and we will also know about some of their digital platforms.

Jio is registered as Jio platform Ltd. Jio’s business is not just in the telecom sector, but it has many subsidiaries in digital companies. For example Jio mart, Jio Infocomm, Jio News, Jio Tv, Jio Browser, Jio saavn, Jio Chat, Jio Cinema, Jio Cloud, Jio Call, Jio Security, Jio HealthHub

All Investment Deal

1. Jio facebook Deal


Facebook is an American social media company which is founded by  Mark Zuckerberg in 2004.

Just now, on 22 April 2020, Facebook bought Reliance Jio’s 9.99% stake by investing 43574 cr. or $ 5.7 billion.

This Deal will boost the business of the Jio platform in the e-commerce sector.

2. Silver lake partner

Silver lake deal

Silver lake is an American private equity firm focused on large scale investment technology founded in 1999.

After Facebook’s investment, US investment firm Silver Lake bought a 1.15% stake in Reliance Jio by investing Rs 5655.75 crore.

3. Vista Equity Partner

vista equity

Vista equity is an American market-leading private equity firm and venture capital firm focused on large scale investment technology or investment in startups.

After two big investment deals in Jio, American giant investment firm Vista Equity Partner took a 2.32% stake in the Jio platform by investing Rs 11367 crore on 8 May 2020.

4. General Atlantic

Genreal atlantic

General Atlantic is an American giant investment firm providing capital and support to growth companies

After investment in Jio by Vista Equity firm, now fourth US giant investment firm General Atlantic invested Rs 6598.38 crore on May 17, 2020, and take over a 1.34% stake in the Jio platform.

5. KKR (Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.)

KKR deal

KKR is an American global investment firm focused on large scale investment technology.

After the investment of four American investment firms in Jio, now the fifth American KKR Investment Firm takes over a 2.32% stake in Reliance Jio by investing Rs. 11367 crores.

6. Mubadala Investment Company, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Mubadala deal

Mubadala investment company is a sovereign wealth fund to manage a global portfolio for the government of Abu Dhabi.

Mubadala investment company takes over 1.83% stake in jio platforms Ltd. by investing Rs. 9093.60 crores. It is the sixth investment in jio platforms Ltd. in less than 6 weeks.

7. An additional investment of silver lake partners in jio platforms Ltd.

After 6 big investment deals in Jio, Silver Lake again invested Rs 4586.8 crore and took 0.93% of Jio
Silver Lake owns a 2.08% stake in the Jio Platform, including both investment deals.

8. Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA)

ADIA deal

ADIA investment is a sovereign wealth fund to manage a global portfolio for the government of Abu Dhabi.

After Facebook’s investment, as if there is a series of investment going in the Jio platform, gaint Investment companies are investing one by one

ADIA takes over a 1.16% stake of Jio platforms Ltd. by investing Rs 5863.50 crore. It is 8th investment in Jio platform Ltd. in less than 7 weeks

All investment details in table

Investment Firms nameDateStake in %investment in crore (INR.)
1. Facebook22/04/20209.99%43574
2. Silver lake04/05/20201.15%5655.75
3. Vista Equity08/05/20202.32%11367
4. General atlantic17/05/20201.34%6598.38
5. KKR22/05/20202.32%11367
6. Again silver lake05/06/20200.93%4586.8
7. Mobadala co.05/06/20201.85%9093.60
8. ADIA07/06/20201.16%5863.50

Mukesh Ambani still has 78.94% stake in Jio, even after doing all the investment deals.

This series of investments take place right now and people are also engaged in the line for investment

Billioner Mukesh ambani is also in talk with saudi arbia’s soverign wealth fund for potential investment in jio platforms Ltd.

Microsoft could also be potential investor in Jio platforms Ltd.

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