1-Tik Tok Case Study, Impressive growth

After crossing 1.5 billion downloads in 2019 tik tok set a new record in 5 months. In Q1 2020, it generated the highest number of downloads in a quarter for any app that installed over 315 million on the App Store and Google Play Store

History of social media

The use of social media to keep an eye on what is happening around people is becoming more and more popular nowadays, this trend of social media started from 2008 when Facebook took the shape of the global market. It was a golden opportunity to show their talent and advertise their company’s brands. Social media evolved a lot from entertainment activities and being part of the source of entertainment,
 Tick ​​Tok is also a part of social media, whose case study we will know today.

When it comes to making entertaining videos in today’s time, people only talk about one app and that is Tik Tok. It is a mobile application that provides its users to create a short video with lip-syncing and with various features. Tik Tok was developed and launched by Byte Dance in 2016 which is a Chinese company. Before launching  TikTok to the world this company is created a similar application named Douyin in the Chinese market this application available on both platform ios and android 

Downloading Growth of

Bytedance acquired the most popular musicly.ly Chinese app in November 2017 as we know Bytedance is the parent company of tok tok so they merged both company tik tok and musicly.ly in August 2018

According to sensor tower company tik tok crossed 2 billion on 13 April 2020 because of COVID-19 pandemic

Downloading exponential growth countrywise

India has been the biggest driver of tik tok installs, generating 611 million lifetime downloads to date or 30.3% of the total.

China is the second position for installs, accumulating up to 196.6 million to date or 9.7% of the total

US is the third position for installs, accumulating up to 165 million to date or 8.2% of the total

75.5% installed from google play store

Key features

Android tik tok user spends 68 billion hours rising the app in 2019

India users spends 38 minute daily using tik tok

Chinese user spends 8 to 10 minutes daily

US user open Tik Tok an average 8 times in a day, with session average under 5 minutes

Tik Tok revenue rises from $175 million to $456.7 ( this data is taken from 4th Q of 2019)

In the first quarter of 2020, bytedance generated revenue of 23 to 25 crores only from India and it has targeted 100 crores in the coming quarters Q2 (April, May, June)

Security Issues

There have always been issues with the Chinese company about data security because Chinese companies such as Tik Tok, Hello, Vigo Video, analyze people’s behavior and share that data with the Chinese government and that is why people Avoid using the product of the Chinese company

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