Reliance Jio, TPG Capital, and L Catterton investment deal, New Investment 6441.3 cr. #positive news

The shares of companies are continuously falling due to all the business being stalled in this terrible crisis of Corona, the founder of Reliance Mukesh Ambani, by investing an investment from the world’s top investment companies, gave the shares from 866 to 1600 and gave 1000000 crore to market capitalization
So far, Reliance Jio has raised Rs 98118.03 crore by selling about 21.06% of the stack of Jio platforms limited. from the world’s top investment firm, in which Facebook, Silver Lake, General Atlantic, KKR, Vista equity firm, ADIA, Mubadala participated.

In this episode, 2 firms of investment TPG capital and L CATTERTON participated, which we will discuss today.

TPG Capital

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TPG Capital is an American based private equity investment firm that is focused on growth capital. TPG manages investment funds throughout the world in growth capital, venture capital, public investment, and debt investment.

After investing in the Jio platforms of the world’s biggest investment companies, America’s top investment firm TPG Capital bought 0.93% of Jio’s stack by investing Rs 4,546.80 crore.

Here the communication was done by Reliance Industries on 13 June 2020 on the website of Bseindia


L Catterton is a US-based investment firm which is focused on growth firm.  The firm has made more than 200 investments in brands across all segments of the consumer industry.

Le Cuttarton bought 0.93% of Jio stack by investing Rs 1,894.50 crore in Reliance Jio

Here the communication was done by Reliance Industries on 13 June 2020 on the website of Bseindia

Click on the link below to see the last 8 investment deals.

Reliance Jio Platforms Ltd. complete 10 investment deals in the table

Investment Firms nameDate
Stake in %
investment in crore (INR.)
1. Facebook22/04/20209.9943574
2. Silver lake04/05/20201.155655.75
3. Vista Equity08/05/20202.3211367
4. General atlantic17/05/20201.346598.38
5. KKR22/05/20202.3211367
6. Again Silver lake05/06/20200.934586.8
7. Mobadala05/06/20201.859093.60
8. ADIA07/06/20201.165863.50
9. TPG Capital13/06/20200.934,546.80
10. L CATTERTON13/06/20200.391,894.50

Mukesh Ambani still has a 77.71% stake in Jio, even after doing all the investment deals.

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